teaching interests

  • Comparative State & Local Policy & Administration

  • Emergency & Disaster Management & Policy

  • Intergovernmental Relations

  • Public & Nonprofit Budgeting & Finance

  • Public & Nonprofit Management

  • Research Methods & Data Analysis

teaching EXPERIENCE 

  • MPAD 6324 Financial Analysis for Nonprofit Organizations (Spring 2019)

  • POLS 2220 Political Science Methods (Fall 2018)

  • MPAD 6350 Public Sector Financial Management (Spring 2018)

  • PPOL 8000 Comparative State Politics - Guest Lecture on Environmental and Disaster Policy (Fall 2017)

  • MPAD 6352 Public Sector Financial Reporting and Analysis – Guest Lecture on Capital Projects & Debt Service Accounting (Fall 2017)

  • POLS 2220 Political Science Methods Lab (Fall 2017)

  • MPAD 6350 Public Sector Financial Management (Spring 2017)

  • LBST 2215 Citizenship (Fall 2016)

  • MPAD 6000 Qualitative Methods in Public Policy – Guest Lecture on Qualitative Coding (Summer 2016)

  • MPAD 6350 Public Sector Financial Management – Guest Lecture on Financial Statement Analysis (Fall 2015)

Teaching SKill development

  • Provost's Doctoral Teaching Fellowship (Summer/Fall 2016)

    • $5,000 stipend and seminar to introduce doctoral students to effective teaching practices and to help prepare them to pursue careers in academia

    • Seminar series:

      • Day 1 Overview and Expectations/Who are the students we teach?/Planning My Course/Canvas Training

      • Day 2 Course Planning/Syllabus Development/Course Policies

      • Day 3 Assigning Grades/Direct Teaching/ Active Learning/Participation Strategies/Indirect Teaching

      • Day 4 Flipped Classroom/Facilitating Discussion/ First Day of Class: Getting Off on the Right Foot

      • Day 5 Challenging Students and Situations/ Reflecting on Teaching/ Gradebook Using Canvas

    • Development activities:

      • Interview and observe faculty member

      • Two informal coaching sessions by assigned observer/mentor

      • One peer observation

      • Teaching reflection journal

  • Independent Study - MPAD 6350 Public Sector Financial Management (Fall 2015)

    • Teaching apprenticeship:

      • Shadowed course instructor

      • Performed guest lecture

      • Observation and feedback

  • Workshops

    • Teaching with Poll Everywhere - Hours: 1.5

    • Syllabus 101: Roadmap to Success - Hours: 1.25

I credit a large amount of my academic achievement to the encouragement and support of brilliant faculty. Watching these mentors perform their magic in the classroom gives me several examples to pull from as I formulate my philosophy of teaching. I believe that the relationship between a teacher and students needs to be developed based on three ideas: partnership, respect, and participation.

Teaching Philosophy

  • A few excerpts from MPAD 6350:

    • "Flexible and engaged during class time."

    • "Overall, really beneficial course!"

    • "She did a wonderful job of explaining complex (and often dry) accounting topics. Professor Pope has had a diverse work background in a variety of fields. She was able to relate these accounting topics to her experience as a CPA, as well as a front-line public administrator (fire fighter)."

    • "Professor Pope always reminded us of her out-of-class availability, and was very approachable. She regularly held in-class discussions in which the comments and opinions of all students were heard and respected."

  • A few excerpts from POLS 2220 Lab:

    • "She was an effective lab instructor. She was also helpful for any questions regarding our research project."

    • "Able to provide great responses to any questions for class work or projects."

    • "She was very fair and timely in her grading.


teaching evaluations